About Me

caroline_aboutI’m Caroline Towers and I love all things health, fitness, wellness and travel related!

I live in Bradford, England and have done since I was born.  I love the fact that from my home I can easily get to Bradford and Leeds but also close to the countryside.

When I was 14 I started to help out in my Step-Dad’s business, he owns a bike shop.  I have been working there part-time ever since. When I was 19 I studied for a diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Massage , I loved everything I learnt and did work in a gym for a while.  However I really wanted to work for myself but at that time I felt I was too young and didn’t have the confidence.  Instead I went to work for a mortgage company, working in various departments and then I moved to Social Services and worked there for a few years.

Whilst I was working I always was looking for something else, I hated being confined to business hours and having to ask for time off!  I couldn’t think of what I want to do so in my late-20’s I started a University course in Creative Writing and English Literature.  I loved learning and really enjoyed the 3 year course.  In my final year I was introduced to an opportunity to start my own health and wellness and I jumped at the chance!

So now I have my own business and you read about it here and I also continue to work in the bike shop.  I love to write and read, I go to the gym, run and cycle.  I have helped companies with website design and social media and now I have my own blog too!


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