Trip up the Tower

Caroline_BT_TowerAs a female business owner I was recently invited to the launch of the Women’s Business Council.  More details on this will be coming shortly.

The event was held at the prestigious BT Tower in London.  Having never been I jumped at the chance to go to the city.

The Tower was built in the 1960’s originally for the GPO (General Post Office).  It’s aim was and still is to support telecommunications traffic.  We were greeted with champagne and canapes and then invited to the 34th floor.

We went up in a very fast lift and as we stepped out we were met by outstanding views of the whole of London.  Luckily it was a clear and sunny day so we could see for miles, it really was breathtaking,



I really wanted to show some of what we saw and you can see from the pictures how amazing it was.  I also got the chance to try out the new panorama feature on my I-Phone.  There was a revolving floor which felt strange at first and it took about 20 minutes to go around, this meant if you stood in one place you would get to see north, south, east and west.

It was a wonderful experience and I feel very privileged to have been invited and to have been to the top of the tower!


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